Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heaviest Jeans in the World

One day, while I was walking around Northampton, I went into this store with great looking bags. You know, the vintage looking, flap, strap, knapsack looking things? Yes well I got drawn in by that and when I went in to look at them, there was a jean display in my way. The worker/owner whoever it was told me to just go ahead and dig in so I did, knocking over the jean display in the process. Turns out, it was less of a display than just jeans standing up. The store person then explained what on earth just happened (as I was trying to suppress a mixture of guilt and embarrassment for knocking them over). These were Naked and Famous' Heaviest Jeans in the World, weighing a whomping 32 ounces. And there was no special trick to the display, just the jeans maneuvered into a stand-able position. Yes, they can stand on their own. It's a little freaky, to be honest. But apparently, after you wear them for about two days or so they break in and feel very comfortable. Good for people who are hard on jeans, have tough outdoor jobs or who want to create an abstract jean display in their living room. I just want someone I know to try them on now and tell me how they manage to walk.


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