Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harry Potter Breakfast Rolls

These are homemade cinnamon rolls that I made for Cal's birthday from one of my favorite cookbooks of all time, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Watch out though, this particular recipe takes hours to make, so if you're actually making them for breakfast, do all the hard stuff the night before, which includes making the dough, letting it rise, rolling it out and then forming the rolls. Then they can rise again overnight and you can pop them right in the oven in the morning and make the frosting (which is really really easy).

I've been taking on a new challenge: the challenge of baking bread. Yeast-based bread like baguettes, loaves, and these yeast-based cinnamon rolls. However I have a huge problem with getting bread to rise properly. At this point, I've finally figured out how to get it to rise the first time, but on the double-rise I'm failing like an expert.


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