Friday, December 16, 2011

French Food Friday: Frog Legs

Amuse-bouche (little appetizers) 
Les cuisses de grenouille (frog legs!)

For the last French Food Friday, we have the French traditional dish: FROG LEGS.

On Thursday night, my host family made me a huge meal for our last dinner all together. It started with little appetizers called "amuse-bouche" (which actually translates to something around "fun mouth") that were made with different things including roast tomatoes, escargot butter, cheese, and olive paste. The next course was FROG LEGS. You bite the bottom of the leg off and remove the bone, then eat the thigh the same way. It's very messy and very, very weird. I honestly had never once thought about the fact that frogs have bones until that night. Taste-wise, they are actually pretty good! They taste a little fishy, like white fish, but otherwise sort of taste like chicken? Like if there was some hybrid chicken that was also part fish, that would be what these taste like. After frog legs, we had quiche and endive salad, and then a homemade crème (which is like a more delicious, slightly more liquidy dessert pudding) vanilla-flavored.

This gigantic, last meal that I could barely finished also was accompanied by Breton cidre and family photos in front of their Christmas tree. They even got me a gorgeous silver bracelet for Christmas. They are such a nice family and I am so sad to be leaving them. But the next time I come to France I know I'll have great people to visit! And we've already talked about skyping and emailing after I leave, so it'll be okay. 
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