Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just Another Class

"Ce matin on parlait de Superman, maintenant on parle de Supercrab."
"This morning we talked about Superman, now we're talking about 'Supercrab.'"

Group 7 has two teachers who teach us grammar, language, culture, listening, etc. We have one on Wednesday and Thursday and the other Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This morning, we had our primary teacher for the first time since vacation started, and how did we spend the class? Eating pastries and discussing French gastronomy. Our professor brought in different pastries typically found in a  "Viennoiserie" and told us to go get coffee or hot chocolate from the espresso machine to eat with it. We spent the entire two hours talking about French food and cheese, which was probably the best way to return from vacation I've ever experienced. 

La Viennoiserie is a group of pastries that are eaten for breakfast or for as snacks that originated in Vienna, Italy. You've seen some of them on French Food Fridays or when I talk about chocolatines. Essentially, they are the best things to eat in the morning hands down, forget about donuts. 

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