Friday, November 25, 2011

French Food Friday: Turkey Edition

As I previously mentioned, the Americans all got together at our friend's house to eat Thanksgiving and I had the job of cooking the turkey! Actually, I volunteered for it quite happily, but it was so nerve-wracking. It ended up turning out delicious and I half made-up the ingredients for the gravy (which was also awesome). I also carved that beast because apparently none of the boys were brave enough, so I had to show them how it's done. I didn't actually get to eat much turkey because of how many people there were but it was still tons of fun. Everyone brought so much food that we had enough for the 40 or 50 people who were there. Talk about a real American Thanksgiving! Oh and following my usual grace and skill with walking, I fell down (slide down, would be more accurate) some stairs. Classssic Paris move (I tripped on the stairs in our hotel at least 80% of the time I was going up/down them). 

Hope everyone got stuffed and had a great day! 
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