Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friends Abroad

Going into my study abroad program, I was not really thinking that I would meet people as awesome as I have. I've been in college for four years now and I haven't met many people who I've had an immediate connection with. In this photo is my BFFFFFFFF Forrest and my friend Andy. Forrest and I just happened to be roommates on the Paris tour (with our other awesome friend Betty) and we clicked like... like a lock in a keyhole. Like you had a giant ring of keys and then you were trying a bunch of them and finally you got one. It was magical. There were fireworks. People wept.

Being homesick here is hitting all of us at different times and to different extents. I had a long week of homesickness towards the end of September and I know friends who are just now getting homesick. It's really nice to have all of these great people (French and American) surrounding us and supporting each other. The best way to beat homesickness is to stay as occupied as possible so I've been constantly going going going and doing things. Trying new foods and foods I don't like normally, going on long hikes to waterfalls, staying up late with friends even though I have class at nine. I'm in France, right? I can't wait to cook you all French dinners. 
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