Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Trip

This past weekend we went on our USAC group trip to Bayonne, France; San Sebastian, Spain; and St.-Jean-de-Luz, France. This trip was different than Paris because it was all 50 of us, rather than just the initial 30. It was absolutely tons of fun. I found the bag I have been searching for in Bayonne, which is French Basque Country (actually Forrest found it for me in a store while I was in a museum for my class, THANKS FORREST!!!). I got some sweet, very French clothes in Spain (ironic?) including this type of pant that I've been dying to have and I got some espadrilles for 7.50 euro, a steal! We all went to the beach in San Sebastian but it wasn't sunny out so it wasn't the best ever. Then a few of us took a bus to dinner which was very interesting and involved me speaking much more Spanish than I intended on, ha! The waiter absolutely detested Matt.

So anyway the following day we traversed San Sebastian on foot doing tons of shopping and went to an aquarium, then headed to Saint-Jean-de-Luz where Matt, Ryan, Forrest and I decided to stay an extra night and take the train back on Sunday... which was probably the best idea ever. We went to the beach which was awesome and sunny and warm and refreshing, walked around speaking French and English and we bought macarons, had hot chocolate and ate Chinese food. Plus the train ride back was way cool and we had our own compartment just like in Harry Potter. I mean, perfect ending or what? This is a very very short description of all we did this weekend but you get the picture!!

French classes finally start tomorrow so we will see how that goes! It feels good to actually know what my schedule is because everything has been completely up in the air almost since we got here. Miss you all!!!

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