Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today (it is almost 3 PM) has been the second day of elective classes for us. Sort of boring, to be honest. I have a professor that tends to take ten minutes to explain something that should have been said in thirty seconds and includes all sorts of frivolous information that anyone in college should already know about. Oh well, on the bright side of that, I am going to try to audit some French classes! And not French language classes, I'm talking real-life, university classes on political science, European law and other ones like that. I'm really excited for that because I think it would be good to listen to people speak French normally (not the way they do when they know you're American) and hopefully learn a thing or two from the French perspective. And meet some French people? Holler!

Aside from that, I have met my first French college student who is not paid by USAC. AWESOME. We are going karaoke-ing tonight and we invited him to come and bring some friends so we can start getting into the heart of what we're here for... making French friends to practice with.

I am going off to class in about fifteen minutes so I'm wrapping this up. But first, there is a spider living on the ceiling of my room and I have named him Mathieu. He's gotta have a French name, right?
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