Friday, September 16, 2011

French Food Friday

This post is a work in progress... meaning that I am writing this after the traumatic experience that was ordering pizza over the phone in France in French but before getting my pizza and bbq chicken wings, which hopefully is what I ordered. Then I will take photos and tell you all about how delicious it is... I hope. Essentially the first thing this girl said to me was so fast that I did not understand, she was putting me on hold though, which I figured out after I said "Allo?" a few times and no one responded. I'm not going to go into all the gruesome details that the ensuing conversation included but I had to pass the phone off three or four times to my host mom so she could translate for me. My host mom and dad were both really nice about it afterward and told me that I did really well and that ordering a pizza over the phone is complicated for them, let alone someone learning a language.

Word of advice to all pizza-purveyors: Make ordering more simple.

So I suppose I should explain why pizza and chicken wings is on French Food Friday, especially since I got pepperoni and chicken wings on the side. Well, my logic is that if Coke is better here, and jelly is better here (which will be featured in the future, trust me), then naturally the pizza might be better here too. 

Plus, story time: In Paris, some girls went to Pizza Hut and ordered a three-cheese pizza thinking it'll be like a normal cheese pizza in America. Turns out, it wasn't. All of the cheeses were French and apparently not very appealing on pizza to the average American. 

CONCLUSION: The chicken wings were probably the best I've ever had. The Coke is always delicious. The pizza was really good too, except they put cheese on it despite both me and my host mom saying not to (which is how I know it wasn't my bad). I think I like what I get from Domino's more though. The pepperoni was a bit thicker than in the US, and they cooked the pizza with onions so there was that flavor thrown in there. All in all a good experience, I'd have to say. And I even have leftovers, what what! 
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