Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Foreign IDs

La belle Forrest et moi à Bayonne, France
We (the USAC kids) have been anxiously awaiting our cartes d'identité for about three weeks now. We need these cards to get through the cafeteria at the student price without having to be all technical about it with the cashier, but more importantly we need these cards for discounts. Big, fat, European student discounts. See, France (and I think Europe in general) has a lot of discounts for young people and old people. Especially when you're 18-25. You're eligible for all sorts of special cards for train tickets and stuff. But they give even MORE discounts if you're from the EU and you're 18-25. What better way to seem like you're European than to have an ID from a French university? No better way.

So, we have been waiting for these ID cards since we've gotten here. They were supposed to be here two weeks ago, but there was a problem with them and they all had to get re-done. Today, they all came in, finally. And what happens? They misspelled my name so they had to re-re-make it and I can't pick it up yet.

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