Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 Things I Learned this Week

  1. I might actually want to go to law school. 
  2. You shouldn't go to the store without making sure you have your money with you.
  3. When you buy silver wrapping paper, make sure it's not just clear cellophane wrapped around a tube lined with silver.
  4. Don't oversell a gift you're going to give if it's really not that great (luckily, Brianne, I don't have to worry about that). 
  5. Ice is better from the store than made in your freezer. 
  6. I feel sorry for the one Berkeley graduate program out of 36 that isn't ranked in the top ten. 
  7. I want Spotify premium so I can stream music from my phone and into my car speakers. 
  8. There is a pillow that breathes and moves around so that you can hold it and feel like you're sleeping with someone. It also will climb onto the bed if you dropped it. Watch this.  
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