Friday, July 29, 2011

Revenge is a dish best served cold

This is the beginning of a five-year long tradition of silly stringing our teachers, principals, VPs, counselors.. You name it, we stringed 'em. Our AP World History teacher (Laird-O!) celebrated us taking the AP World History in 2006 test by silly stringing us, and clearly we could not just let that go! So Amber, Hannah, Ciarra and I planned a counterstrike during E block English (I think it was E block). But unfortunately, our chemistry teacher Mr. Martin decided to give us up to Laird and inform him of our diabolical plot, so when we went over there to surprise him, he was waiting with the door locked. I made the first strike, captured here in this photo, but I'm pretty sure 3 against 1 means that we won. Every year this tradition got larger and larger until we spent two hours silly stringing all of our favorite teachers and a principal's staff meeting. We were even invited back after we graduated to get the counselor at a huge all-teacher staff meeting on his birthday where we hid underneath the stage in the auditorium until the opportune moment. Apparently we are school legends, what what?!
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