Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I had been waiting with bated breath to see and hold Layla for the past four months. Like I have literally been having dreams about holding her. Unfortunately, when I left she wasn't really able to remember things for extended periods of time so when I got back, she didn't remember me. She is the master of the poker face and has probably spent about an hour total staring me down straight-faced and not letting me come near her. After a while she's been thawing out but always the next time, it's poker face again. Today I saw her again and she warmed up to me pretty quick, although I think that might have more to do with the fact that I saw her every day all weekend and watched her for around 45 minutes while her parents got lunch. Is this struggle for her to like me and prefer me over most other people futile because I'm leaving in two weeks? Possibly. But what can I say? I can't rest until she loves me again.
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