Monday, May 02, 2011

28 janvier

Today I had my last French grammar class as a junior. I would say forever, but unfortunately when I go to France all of my French classes with essentially be grammar and writing classes. This was a big deal because I had this professor this semester AND last semester, and there's a good chance I won't ever have a class with him again.

This got me reflecting on my various French teachers and French classes I've had at different schools and I remembered my first French class as a freshman. It was second semester at UC Berkeley and it was late January. It was time to learn dates and months and it just so happened to be my birthday. My professor had everyone go around the class saying their birthdays and when it got to me, I said my birthday just like everyone else had (vingt huit janvier, pronounced something like "vun wheat jan-vee-air") and my professor made me repeat two more times before she connected the date of the day and what I was saying my birthday was. As soon as she did though, she had the whole class sing Happy Birthday in French, although as a beginning class, most people struggled through it not really knowing what they were supposed to say. 

Challenge: How many times did I say "French" in this post?!
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