Friday, January 07, 2011

Two Thoughts

First of all, I got my haircut yesterday. It looks pretty much the same except shorter and more in control. Haircuts are healthy. I feel much paler this winter than last! Although I think everyone on the east coast is proportionately much much paler than they were in the summer, due to the low light of winter and the sun being at a lower angle and all that. My mom has told me on multiple occasions since I've been home that I look like a ghost or death, but I just chock it up to heritage and the cold.

Secondly, this is a snapshot of my desk drawer at home that I have started to use as a snack drawer. What you see here are two empty boxes of Cheez-its and a multitude of opened and emptied Werther's wrappers. I'm pretty big on the benefits of snacking.
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