Friday, November 26, 2010

Puzzle Mania

I actually wrote and sent this post from my phone but since for some reason the actual writing didn't transfer to the post, I am writing it again. It was witty and hilarious before, I promise. 

Cal's family has this tradition where they get a puzzle and do it as a family on Thanksgiving. Last year, there were complaints about it being too easy because it only had 750 pieces. This year, that was remedied with the purchase of this ^ 1000 piece puzzle. Let me tell you, that was an awful idea! Ten people worked on it at different times and it took almost exactly twelve hours to do. Cal and I ended up finishing it at 11:30 PM and by that time we were exhausted and angry at the puzzle. Very angry. This gave me a great idea for punishing my future children when they are REALLY bad (and only really bad, otherwise that's just cruel).

"Don't hit your sister! If you hit your sister one more time, I'm getting out the puzzle." 

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