Tuesday, November 23, 2010


People have become obsessed with perfection. Computers, which are incredible examples of complicated technology, are expected to run fast and flawlessly despite being constantly abused by their owners who often have no concept of how to properly care for them. Phones are expected to be perfect mini computers, with perfect reception, no glitches and always with the best features out there. Food is expected to be prepared perfectly, 100% of the time. Cars are supposed to run without fail despite lacking any care. Friends are always supposed to be there for you, family members are always supposed to make the right choices, students are expected to give everything they have to every class individually.

In this culture of perfection, why can't we appreciate the little quirks, and forgive the incorrects of others? Nature isn't perfect and it would be awfully boring if it were. The search for perfection is not a bad one, but expecting it of everyone and everything is. Let's all be a little happier and less angry!
Except for Layla, she's perfect. 
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