Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tips for Staying Focused in College

  • Make lists
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks
  • Break down goals into small, manageable steps that can be crossed off a list
  • Take short study breaks every twenty minutes
  • Separate your time into blocks, where you get all of your work done at once and can have time to relax without worrying
  • Work in a place that isn't your bed or the couch by the TV and keep all of your books and notebooks there. If you have a really hard time staying focused at home, study at the library or  outside on the grass.
  • Stay positive! If you feel overwhelmed, do something else until you have relaxed. Don't stress yourself out by constantly focusing on negative things like how much stuff you have to do and deadlines. Instead, think about everything you have already done, give yourself a treat (like 15 minutes of TV or going out to a coffee shop), and re-motivate yourself to get back to the grind. 
Good luck to all my friends who are starting school soon or who have already started! I'll be joining you next week. 
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